“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” — Charles Bowden

Saturday 24th June 2017, 19:00 – 21:00

OMMERSION is a 2 hour immersive yoga experience combining movement with sound, scent, meditation and energy. You’ll start with an hour of yin yoga with Hannah Verghese, which creates space in the body by working with the deep connective tissue fascia and is more rejuvenating than a nap. No yoga experience is required and you stay in postures for a longer period of time. While doing the yin, Leo Cosendai will create an aural backdrop of Mongolian Overtone chanting and meditation bowls to enhance the experience. At the end of the yin yoga, lie down for a blissful 1 hour savasana accompanied by the healing vibrations of a gong bath meditation. Throughout the whole experience, Sara Ramazanoglu will select aromatherapy oils to build on the energy work and make this a truly immersive, unforgettable experience timed to coincide with the Summer Solstice.

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Yin Yoga led by Hannah Verghese


Hannah was initially drawn to yoga to balance the physical exertion of her marital arts training.  She later discovered the mental and emotionally balancing energy that can be channelled through the practice.  It was this that kept her coming back.   An ever present wanderlust and a passion for yoga has taken Hannah around the world.  From India through Central to South America and back home again to London.  

Hannah completed her initial Ashtanga Vinyasa training in Nicaragua.  Both her personal practice and her intentions for teaching were later transformed under the guidance of Kate Ellis who connected her to the deeply therapeutic benefits that yoga can bring.   Despite a natural tendency towards the yang side of life and to her self it is the softer yielding qualties of yin yoga that resonate the greatest.  She was lucky enough to travel to Vancouver to study yin yoga with the awesome Bernie Clark and Diana Batts whose teachings continue to inspire her daily.  

Whether the focus is predominantly yin or yang Hannah’s classes explore the transformational benefits that arise by connecting to the body with intention.

Hannah is grateful to all her teachers in martial arts and yoga for their invaluable knowledge and guidance, and for inspiring her to share her practice with others.



Sound/Scent Healing with Leo Cosendai and Sara Ramazanoglu


Leo Cosendai is a Sound healer + Yoga teacher @Indaba/Life Centre/Triyoga and Sara Ramazanoglu, a Women’s Health Therapist + Certified Aromatherapist @Triyoga.

Featured in The Times, Huffington post and Tatler, Sara and Leo are both experts in their respective fields, and in how to guide groups and individuals into self care.
With over 20 years of combined experience, the couple are able to go into great depths with their clients.

Leo will guide you through a formula of yogic practices including pranayama, postures and creative guided meditation. He also makes use of the healing Mongolian overtone technique, and centres his session around what he is known for: the Gong sound bath meditation.

Sara will share her knowledge and experience of essential oils as a potent agent of change that blends with the sound, yoga and energy work during the workshop. You will also learn how to incorporate them into your own daily self care rituals.


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In The Press

“Ommersion feels like a trippy pyjama party where you spend half the time in a weird state in your own mind, somewhere between discomfort and half-sleeping. It’s relaxing, challenging, beautiful and strange all at the same time.

Healthy Living London

“…he has the voice of an angel”

Vice UK 

“London’s foremost gong master” 

The Times

“I was pleasantly disorientated, like floating on thin air”

Huffington Post


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