5 ways to be a better yogi

We Heart Living – 5 ways to be a better yogi

Yoga teacher Naomi Constantino gives you her top 5 ways to be a better yogi so you can get even more from your time on the mat.

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1. Take a private lesson

Booking yourself a one-to-one yoga class can really help take you to that next level. It allows for more individual attention, which helps you gain a deeper understanding of where you are in your practice, plus it gives you elements to focus on that are personal to you. No two peoples bodies or practice are the same so this can really give you some time to tailor your yoga practice to your needs.

2. Go on a retreat

A yoga retreat gives you a more immersive experience of yoga. You can tune out and tune in. Play around with the idea of yoga becoming a daily practice and really see the benefits and how you feel afterwards. It’s a great way to meet like-minded friends and often we find a little more understanding beneath the surface as you give yourself the time to really get stuck in.

3. Get some good books

The physical practice of yoga, the asana, is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the practice of yoga. Grab some books and learn a little about the history and philosophy behind the poses you are practising in class. I’d recommend B.K.S Iyegars’ Light on Yoga, Donna Fahri’s Bringing Yoga To Life and Jivamukti Yoga by Shannon Gannon and David Life.

4. Self practice

Finding a daily self practice, whether it be asana (practice of the physical poses), meditation or studying yoga philosophy, will take your practice to the next level. Taking responsibility outside of class is really what yoga is all about. Yoga doesn’t finish when you step off the mat – it’s about the commitment you make to bringing that energy into all you do throughout your daily life. That’s where the magic happens.

5. Try a different style

It’s important to listen to our body and tune in to what is best for our yoga practice on that particular day or period in our life. Maybe you have a strong dynamic practice but are struggling with injury – try and step back and try an Iyengar class. Perhaps life is throwing you curve balls emotionally and you need to relax by finding a restorative class. Sometimes listening to another teacher from another style can really strike a cord, unlock something and send you off in a new direction.

Naomi Costantino is a yoga teacher and creative director and co founder of edeneast.co.uk