Sound Healing by Ali Gunning

Sound has been used in various guises by cultures all over the world throughout history – to connect to spirit, as part of ceremony and celebration. The gong dates back to the Bronze age, Persia and the Far East. Now we have access to super powerful gongs, fine tuned for the modern day by the likes of Paiste and Tone of Life; tapping certain frequencies and evoking the sound of the planets and elements. Ancient philosophy and science both arrive at the universe being composed of energy in various states of vibration, including our bodies and minds – ‘as above, so below’. Yet today many of us are disconnected: from the rhythms of our bodies as part of nature; from the inner peace and stillness we crave – in a world dense with vibration from constant communication, our own racing thoughts and other people’s opinions.

Sound healing works to restore harmony on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Vibration massages the skin and inner organs, reaching into each and every cell – consider the power of sound moving through water, of which are bodies are largely composed, and the power of sound to create physical forms as crystals or mandalas. Vibrational medicine teaches us that ill health results from blocked or deficient chi or prana (energy) and we can experience sound harmonising flow to the chakras and nadis, rebalancing our subtle body, which strengthens immunity and regulates our emotions. At a subtler level, the vibrations of our thoughts create our experience of the world around us, over time shaping our physical health. Dis-ease becomes disease. Despite evidence that meditation is medicine, many of us struggle to sit with the mind and allow the brainwaves to settle, becoming further frustrated. However surrendering to the beauty or sheer power of the gong sound, it leads us like the pied piper into a state of deep stillness and silence where healing is possible and creativity and wisdom shine through.

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