Green Wall Update from Emma Content AKA My Piece of Green


What a fantastic growth spurt the green wall is having. Performing better than expected since its installation, the plants have more than settled in. They are thriving.

They are enjoying the balmy conditions in the roof of studio 2. The intense heat plus the ingenious water reservoir in the planters is keeping these tropical plants inching their way up the metal frame week by week.

The plants are making more and more leaves, slowly increasing the surface area for oxygen exchange, which means, week by week the oxygen levels are improving.

I love this beautiful fact from Gavin Francis’s book – The Adventures in Human Being:
‘If you were to stretch flat all the membranes of an adult’s lungs they would occupy over a thousand square feet; equivalent to the leaf coverage of a fifteen to twenty year old oak’

Enjoy Nature and happy breathing!

Emma Content
My Piece of Green
Landscape Architect