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Advanced Level Workshops with Stewart Gilchrist: 4th June and 16th July 2016

All workshops are Yoga Alliance CPD accredited.

Muladhara – getting radical to the root of things!
Saturday June 4th 3pm-6pm £35


“The root prop wheel is at the very base of all yoga practices!
The lowest of the bodies psychoenergetic centres it is the seat of of the coiled Kundalini (cosmic force) and is the root of all growth and awareness of human self realization.

This workshop will examine how one can utilise yoga practices of asana, breathing, meditation and mantra, together with correct diet to address and help overcome the obstacles in life such as illusion, anger, greed, delusion, avarice and attachment.”

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Anahata chakra – doing the right thing!
Saturday July 16th 3pm-6pm £35

“In a modern world where we are constantly faced with hate and dislike it is important to encompass sudharma! Apt or right religion

Addressing the psychoenergetic centre of the heart will bring about good tendencies, sanctity, balance and good smells!

The practitioner who finds balance in anahata is usually free from : anger, jealousy, lust and vatious other modifications of the mind(vrittis). One grows more patient, calmer and loving in everyday life.

The practices of yogasana, especially backbending have been shown to bring that balance to the aspiring yogi. The workshop will explore these and much more, focusing on breathing, mantra and meditation to bring a true happiness and loving to the aspirant.”

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