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Chaturanga – Asana Hour

A 2 hour workshop with Josh Finker
Sat 1st Oct 3pm – 5pm
All Levels

In regular flow classes, Chaturanga can often feel like a ‘transition’ pose. Moving into and out of the posture within the space of a single breath which can feel either satisfying and strengthening or a little rushed and confusing. In this two hour workshop, we will take the time to deconstruct the pose, joining anatomy with associated exercises to improve strength and control in the shoulder blades, upper back, core and arms. Special attention will be paid to moving the body as a cohesive unit, using the pose as a tool to strengthen our weaknesses instead of entrenching imbalances. Common issues and practical progressions towards a well-aligned Chaturanga will be covered, as well as how the material covered can translate to and benefit the entirety of our practice, not just limited to other arm balances. Come prepared to work hard and have fun. Suitable for all levels.