Yoga for Menopause Workshop with Sarah Rush

Saturday February 18th


All levels



Yoga for approaching the menopause and beyond

“At her first period a girl meets her wisdom, through her menstruating years she practices her wisdom, and at menopause she becomes her wisdom”


Native American saying


Take some much needed time out to reflect, restore and rejuvenate as we approach this transition in our life.


During this experiential workshop we will


  • learn how yoga can support the health of our endocrine system by regulating our hormones
  • identify ways to optimize the health and density of our bones through yoga
  • practice ways of breathing to cool the body


The workshop will consist of


  • A breathing practice to cool our rising emotional, physical and mental heat
  • A quiet Hatha practice to explore yoga poses that address the glands which support our hormones to enhance organ function
  • A series of yin and restorative poses to strengthen the bones
  • A deep guided yoga nidra (yogic sleep) for rejuvenation and intention setting (sankalpa) as we enter step into this new stage of life




Sarah Rush

Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours

MA Women’s Studies