Lily Dettmer

Lily Dettmer

Lily originally trained as a dancer at The London Contemporary Dance School and has worked both in the UK and internationally as a dancer and teacher. She has taught dance for over ten years, for organisations including The Royal Ballet, Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Rambert Dance Company.

She first discovered Pilates through her dance training and was inspired to teach after it helped her recovery from a career changing hip operation. She qualified with Body Control Pilates and teaches both group and private sessions.

Lily’s classes focus on precision of movement and alignment, whilst moving with fluidity and control. She is interested in helping people relieve physical tension and move with ease in order to improve overall well-being and health.

Sophia Pym

Sophia Pym

I have always had to move my body to feel alive. I found space and calmness in Pilates first, training with Body Control Pilates and then turned to yoga, discovering more of a connection to myself.

My classes are straightforward, dynamic, fun and I believe in safe alignment and feeling good. I cemented my foundational yoga training with my teacher Jason Crandell and progressed my Pilates training in pre and post natal and in advanced matwork.

The combination of years of ballet and long distance running mean my classes are physically challenging and fun with an emphasis on flowing and sequencing. I am always a student and always learning. With thanks to the many teachers that have lead me to this point.

Laura Hogg

Laura Hogg

Laura has been teaching Pilates since 2009 and has been involved in movement from a young age. Her background is in rhythmic gymnastics where she spent most of her teenage years, competing for Great Britain at an international level. She competed in the Commonwealth Games for Scotland in 1996 and has travelled the world with her gymnastics career.

Laura then moved to London and after various different retail jobs discovered Pilates and got hooked straight away. She qualified with Body Control Pilates and went on to set up her own studio – Shoreditch Pilates in London the following year and after having her first child in 2013 has been teaching locally in Walthamstow, London.

She also loves practising Yoga alongside Pilates and this is reflected in her classes which are flowing, creative and personal, the emphasis being on moving with ease and fluidity.


Sakis Albanis

Sakis Albanis

Sakis is a certified Pilates Instructor by Body Arts and Science International and has been teaching Pilates mat and equipment classes since 2011. Sakis is also a certified Aerial Yoga and TRX instructor. He is continuously attending seminars and training programs.

For him exploring the alternative forms of physical training is a way of life. With dedication and enthusiasm he brings a pleasant, safe and efficient environment to his students. This is mainly achieved by promoting the mind-body connection of the Pilates Method and by creating programs that allow people to reach their potential and bring balance to all aspects of their lives.


Peter Clerkin Headshot

Peter Clerkin

Originally from County Antrim Northern Ireland, Peter has been involved in sport his whole life, ranging from football, triathlon and marathon running.
Over the past 15 years this has been more involved in the coaching and teaching aspects, working as a football and basketball coach at youth level with a year long stint coaching ‘soccer’ in the States.
Peter holds a Honours Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Edinburgh Napier University, with a focus on exercise physiology, sports biomechanics and sports psychology. 
Peter has been teaching mat and reformer Pilates for the past 4 years and believes that, regardless of what your training and health goals, pilates should form an integral part of any exercise programme


Kate Bishop Headshot

Kate Bishop

Kate is a trained STOTT Pilates instructor with a dance background. Kate teaches both Mat and Reformer Pilates, Pre/Post Natal Pilates, Barre, Ballet and Children’s Creative Dance. Kate draws from her ballet training and pays attention to correct form and posture . In Kate’s Reformer Workouts you can expect an all over body blast. Often named the smiling assassin- don’t be fooled by her small stature! Be prepared to work hard! She looks forward to working with you in the studio!

Suru Headshot

Suru Long

Suru is an ex international athlete. He represented the UK many moons ago whilst a teenager at track and field athletics. In 2004, he qualified as a personal trainer, 2 years later, he was headhunted to join a pioneering pilates studio in London. And here, his journey into pilates and intelligent movement began, spanning 10 years and counting!

Having practiced Garuda under the tutelage of James D’Silva, I became one of the first  instructors to qualify in the Garuda teaching method. Garuda introduced a whole new dynamic to my teaching method and opened my eyes further to the beauty and benefits of intelligent movement.

My classes are extremely focussed, movement is controlled, graceful and choreographed to flow, be non static or stagnant. My teaching method draws from beyond pilates, to incorporate garuda, gyrotonic, yoga, calisthenics, breathing and functional fitness techniques.

The aim of my class is to inspire a more intuitive way of exercise. It’s the answer to many peoples quest for a stronger, better balanced, flexible yet strong and toned body. You should leave feeling invigorated and energised.

Claire Coles pilates teacher

Claire Coles

Claire is a fun and energetic trainer who instantly makes clients feel welcomed and relaxed through her down to earth and friendly approach. After discovering Pilates, Claire trained in America and qualified through Peak Pilates as a fully comprehensive classical pilates instructor. 

Claire trained in Contemporary Dance and has a love for movement and music. Claire is passionate about teaching and delivering a challenging but fun class that will make you want to come back for more! 

Claire’s fitness philosophy: 
Your body is your life temple so what you put in is what you get out! 
When you start anything new it’s not going to be easy but if it was easy everyone would be doing it! 

Pilates is a life changer; body, mind and spirit that just doesn’t deliver an awesome workout but with consistency can take you to a higher level in all walks of life. 

Suzi Power

Suzi Power

Suzi has been a full time Yoga and Reformer Pilates Teacher since March 2014. Since first stepping onto a yoga mat at 18, she was very quickly hooked by the incredible benefits it offered and developed a thirst and enthusiasm for as much knowledge as she could possibly retain on the subject. As a former actress, Suzi began teaching fellow performers up and down the UK whilst on tour before deciding to do her official 200Hr Teacher Training in India, with the Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2013 and making her way towards full-time yoga teaching.

After experiencing her first Reformer Pilates class in 2014, she was amazed at the way in which it supported and strengthened her yoga practice and changed and shaped her body. She was then lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to train under the tutelage of two remarkable physiotherapists and Pilates teachers whilst working at ZeroGravityPilates.

Being a self-professed perfectionist, she is a big believer of practicing what she preaches, soaking up and fusing different styles which has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and a variety of teaching techniques to reach everyone from the novice to the most experienced of practitioners. She loves nothing more than spreading the amazing benefits of these disciplines to others and igniting a fire in her clients to take pride and glory in how amazing the human body truly is.

Masie Turner

Masie Turner

Maisie has been practicing yoga for the best part of a decade and is constantly excited by the healing and invigorating power it has over the body and mind. It was the desire to share these findings that inspired her to take her teacher training and what she hopes to pass on in her classes. She added Reformer Pilates to her repertoire after being amazed at how specific the work could be as well as the quick and lasting results the Reformer gives. Classes with Maisie are a dynamic work out with a focus on breath and movement.

Maisie will work to strengthen your core, improve stability and balance whilst always encouraging you listening to your body. It is important that your pilates classes are a collaborative process. Understanding the personal needs and goals of clients is a crucial factor in Maisie’s sessions, and she always strives to tailor the exercises and teaching style to make you feel as comfortable and as confident as possible.

Ellen Leishman_photo-2 2

Ellen Leishman

Ellen discovered Pilates while on a surfing holiday in Spain. After just a few classes she felt a massive difference to both her physical and mental health and realised it was the perfect fit for her life and career. It allowed her to pursue her interest in how the body works and the sense of wellbeing that comes from enjoying exercise.

Ellen’s aim is for you to leave the class feeling better than when you arrived. Whilst there is a focus on core stability and improving stamina, she also tries to work on releasing tension and mobilising the joints, particularly shoulders, hips and spine.

Ellen is a Level 3 Pilates instructor. She trained with Body Control Pilates and teaches matwork from beginner to intermediate level. She also works as Student Support Coordinator at Body Control Pilates in London, helping students who are training to become Pilates teachers.

Georgette Mairs-Ingram

Georgette Mairs-Ingram

Stott Pilates level 2 Advanced Matwork and Reformer Instructor specializing in Injuries and Special Populations (ISP) and Athletic Conditioning on the Reformer.

Originally a dancer, Georgette has over 20 year’s international experience in the Health, Leisure and Travel industries. With 18 years fitness instructing experience, 8 of which she specialised in the Stott Pilates method, she has had positive results using this method to treat clients particularly those suffering with low back pain, and postural issues such as Scoliosis. She also specialises in Pre and Post natal exercise and has had much success with rehabilitating clients particularly those that have had c-sections. Georgette continually attends workshops and courses in order to stay current, particularly through the Stott Pilates Continuing Education program, and is a member of the UK Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and the YMCA Graduate Association.

Katherine Pentecost

Katherine Pentecost

Katherine teaches both mat and reformer pilates with an emphasis on three dimensional movement, flowing between different planes of movement as well as finding balance in linear movements. You can expect a healthy blend of classical pilates integrated with influences from more recent myofascial training and her ongoing dalliances with yoga, dance and gyrotonics.

The majority of Katherine’s Pilates training has been with Body Control Pilates, where she is now a tutor on the Teacher Training team. She’s committed to using movement to enable people to feel better but also believes wholeheartedly in the impact of clear teaching skills to help you get the most out of going to class.

 Katherine aims to create a class environment in which you feel relaxed but still work hard… so you will find plenty enthusiasm coupled with a down to earth demeanor.

Meghan Talbot

I discovered Pilates over ten years ago and instantly loved the way it made me feel, both physically and mentally.  I practice whenever I can and genuinely miss it when I can’t; for me it has become a way of life.

I knew I wanted to teach Pilates and since beginning my training, I’ve never looked back.  I trained with Body Control Pilates and am a qualified Level 3 Pilates matwork teacher.

My classes are dynamic and focus on flowing movement and correct alignment; which are the fundamentals of Pilates.  I am mindful that every person is unique, both in how they learn and what their body can do, and my teaching style reflects this.  I want my Clients to leave class feeling energised, stronger, more mobile and ultimately connected to their body.

My favourite quote from the great Joseph Pilates ‘If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young’




Jodi Mullen

Jodi fell in love with movement some years ago, she trained as a Personal Trainer and Pilates
teacher and then fell into the lap of her soul mate, Yoga. She began to fall for her own body, mind and spirit.. a path not so well trodden and one that continues to lead her toward beauty and coherence within and without. She teaches public and private classes in London, Yoga retreats internationally and works intelligently and sensitively on a one-to-one basis. Movement of body, mind and soul.. whatever it takes to reveal the innate perfection!

Sherene Banner

Sherene Banner

Sherene teaches a Flow Yoga style where you can feel the influence of her past Tai-Chi practice. The directional energy of each posture is explored through long-flowing, circular sequences.

Experimenting with the body’s potential, Sherene’s practice uncovers the habitual body patterns and encourages deeper internal awareness to unite the breath, the body and the mind.She sees Yoga as a journey of self-discovery.

During the physical practice you work through the postures to become more aware of your body, letting go of daily thoughts and allowing the time and space to concentrate on yourself through this moving meditation. She is also a qualified massage therapist and children’s yoga teacher.

Ann Pidcock

Ann Pidcock

Ann has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga in London for the past 6 years after training with Danny DeVille. She creates flowing sequences which move around the body in different ways each week, encompassing various considerations and challenges to leave you feeling grounded, expansive and light.

Her style is very much influenced by her background in dance and her interest in the human body and its individual characteristics person to person. Ann sees Yoga as a holistic practice which offers us balance and as such has also trained in Relax and Renew TM with Judith Hanson Lasater and Yoga Nidra, a deeply restorative yogic ‘sleep’, with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

Currently she is pursuing an in depth study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with Tara Fraser and Wendy Haring.

Imi Wiseman

Imi Wiseman

Imi has a background in dance but actually came to yoga as a result of a running injury. She never really expected that yoga would compete with her passion for dancing, until she started practising Rocket with the amazing Amme Poulton. Five years on, she now sees yoga as so much more than a physical practice – yoga is special because of its contradictions – we can be dynamic and still, focused and yet have fun, and we can find ourselves by losing ourselves.

Imi completed her first 200 hours teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa with Sampoorna Yoga in Goa and is now completing an advanced Rocket teacher training with Amme in London. She has been lucky enough to practice with some other inspirational teachers too including Ana Forrest, Doug Swenson and Stephanie Snyder.

Imi teaches a range of dynamic and fun Rocket and vinyasa flow classes, to soaring soundtracks, which are suitable for all levels including beginners.

Eryck Brahmania

Eryck Brahmania

Eryck’s years as a professional dancer with some of the UK’s top companies, including Rambert Dance Company, has given him a deep understanding of the body, flow, movement as a meditation and anatomical understanding.

Trained as a yoga teacher under Claire Missingham’s watchful eye and achieving an outstanding grade upon graduation, Eryck continues to study with Claire as well as assist her regularly at Triyoga and various workshops.

Students can expect deep yoga assists, wonderful sequencing and traditional roots of yoga using Sanskrit, krama vinyasa, use of precise and detailed anatomical alignment and fantastic uplifting music.

Joshua Finker

Joshua Finker

Happy flying on his hands or with his face to the mat, Joshua’s style is serious yet irreverent, getting down to the nitty-gritty of alignment as well as getting on up through the grace of a fluid practice.

Having mastered in European philosophy and bringing it into his yoga, Joshua believes in deep connections between movement, posture and health, and promotes strength and flexibility in body and mind.

Hannah Verghese

Hannah Verghese

Hannah was initially drawn to yoga to balance the physical exertion of her marital arts training. She later discovered the mental and emotionally balancing energy that can be channelled through the practice. It was this that kept her coming back. An ever present wanderlust and a passion for yoga has taken Hannah around the world. From India through Central to South America and back home again to London.

Hannah completed her initial Ashtanga Vinyasa training in Nicaragua. Both her personal practice and her intentions for teaching were later transformed under the guidance of Kate Ellis who connected her to the deeply therapeutic benefits that yoga can bring. Despite a natural tendency towards the yang side of life and to her self it is the softer yielding qualties of yin yoga that resonate the greatest. She was lucky enough to travel to Vancouver to study yin yoga with the awesome Bernie Clark and Diana Batts whose teachings continue to inspire her daily.

Whether the focus is predominantly yin or yang Hannah’s classes explore the transformational benefits that arise by connecting to the body with intention.

Hannah is grateful to all her teachers in martial arts and yoga for their invaluable knowledge and guidance, and for inspiring her to share her practice with others.

Emma Content

Emma Content

I have been practicing yoga for around 8 years and have had many wonderful teachers during that time. I was introduced to Bikram yoga whilst studying in New Zealand and benefited greatly from the tight community at the studio and discipline of the practice.

In 2010 on a trip to Indonesia, my curiosity found me exploring other styles of yoga, eventually finding my way to a brilliant Anusara teacher whose offering and delivery of the Anusara method helped me delve deeper into my practice and myself.

I subsequently studied with Katie Lane Turner for the rest of my time in New Zealand and took my first three Anusara Immersions with her. On returning to the UK in 2012 I began studying with Bridget Woods Kramer for my 200hr Anusara Teacher Training and graduated in London in 2013.

I am humbled to be able to share what I have learned so far and am excited about the possibilities for deepening my practice and my teaching yet. I am excited to be teaching in my local community and look forward to seeing you on the the mat!

Samantha Valentine

Samantha Valentine

Samantha’s Vinyasa classes are slow-flowing, energising and uplifting, but with a strong sense of grounding and serenity. She loves the grace of Vinyasa, the precision of Iyengar, as well as the grounding of Yin. Driven to teach after witnessing that the highs of a fast, busy, bright city life, can inevitably be matched with lows, both draining and exhausting.

She is on a mission to take the exclusivity out of yoga, she wants to make it as accessible and relevant to modern life as possible. Yoga must adapt to speak to people. We cannot preach what was a way of life 1,000s of years ago, it is no longer relevant.

After spending 5 years touring in bands and living in hotels and tour vans, Samantha found yoga after a strong urge to be grounded and feel home. Music is another driving force of her classes, and remains a huge part of her life, therefore practice. She believes the music she chooses, can make people relate, identify, and feel connected, bringing yoga into the 21st century, into a western world. If this makes people stop, breathe, and slow down, then she is happy!

Hermione Armitage

Hermione Armitage

Hermione has been studying and practicing Yoga in it’s many forms, from physical to philosophical, for over 15 years. She completed her first Yoga teacher training with Yoga Campus (London) in 2011, Then went on to train at the Special Yoga Centre (London) in Teaching Yoga to Children and Yoga Therapy for Children with Special Needs.

Hermione has studied with and worked alongside Mollie McClelland Yoga/Sadhaka Yoga, through Mollie’s unique teacher training and mentoring programmes. Hermione is also a trained massage therapist in both deep tissue and Thai Yoga Massage. She is currently studying towards a 300hr Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training with Shiva Rea.

Laura Burns

Laura Burns

I have practiced yoga for over ten years, and connected immediately to the power and directness of Kundalini Yoga, through many wonderful teachers both in the UK and New York. I trained with Gurmukh, an inspiring woman and teacher who is an example of the joy and playfulness that comes with strong body, heart and mind cultivated in Kundalini Yoga.  

I am also a dancer and artist, and I bring my experience of somatic, embodied knowledge and creativity into the class. I encourage students to tune to an inner space where they can find compassion for themselves, and belief in shifting the blocks or challenges in their lives. I am learning a lot from teaching, and hope to always be. Classes work with a combination of different asanas and meditations each time, so will always vary. They will be challenging, vigorous, deep, meditative and renewing.

Catherine Weston

Catherine Weston

Catherine came to yoga from a creative background with job roles in the beauty, hair and fashion industries ranging from colourist to PA. She weaves her creativity into the classes she leads with energising flowing sequences, enhancing flexibility, encouraging students to reconnect with their bodies building strength in their core.

Catherine began practicing yoga to reduce symptoms of stress that were beginning to creep into her full on lifestyle and was surprised how quickly she began to see positive changes to her personal wellbeing.

After spending time at a beautiful retreat in Ibiza and with the encouragement of her own teachers she followed her heart changing her life completely to become a yoga instructor. Catherine took trainings in both London and New York and continues her education attending regular workshops, classes and teacher mentoring sessions and has a dedicated personal practice.

Tanja Mickwitz

Tanja Mickwitz

More than fifteen years of studentship and over ten years of teaching inform Tanja’s signature Soulful Vinyasa classes. In her teaching she combines creatively sequenced flow, intelligently progressed asana and mindful attention to alignment with a depth of intention reaching beyond purely physical practice.

She sees asana as a tool for building stability, strength, flexibility and receptiveness in our bodies as well as in our lives. Tanja is known for creating a nurturing and safe atmosphere for students to explore their edge yet always honouring the breath and wisdom of the body.

Since 2012 Tanja has served as a contact teacher, more recently also a module teacher, on the Yoga Campus Teacher Training Programme. Tanja believes it is a real privilege to assist people on their yoga journeys and she continues to be amazed and inspired by the immense transformative power of practice she sees both in herself and her students.

Sarah Rush

Sarah Rush

When Sarah first tried yoga she loved the way it made her feel happy. 25 years later it still does. Her daily  practice helps her stay grounded and reminded that while you can never control what happens around you it is always possible to choose how to react.

After travelling in India and hanging out on a rooftop practising yoga daily with a Baba she met on the side of a road in 2008 Sarah came back home to London, had a beautiful baby boy and gave up her day job to train as a yoga teacher.

Since qualifying as a vinyasa flow yoga teacher she has undertaken pregnancy, post natal and training to teach adults and children with disabilities as well as numerous teacher trainings with, among others, David Swenson, Elena Brower and Jason Crandell.

Sarah’s classes reflect her own experience of a regular and varied yoga practice, Yogic philosophy is woven throughout in an accessible and relevant way to our modern experience and you leave the classes feeling whole and reconnected.

Aleksei Zukov

Aleksei Zukov

My yoga journey started in 2008 at a Bikram Yoga studio in London. Having a background in Martial Arts, Acrobatics and Break Dance, I quickly fell in love with the asana practice and continued regular training in a hot room for a year.

Yoga is not a physical practice – it is a spiritual one where the practitioner dives deep in the study of the Self and is learning to attain a higher level of consciousness thus becoming the master of his or her own life. This is exactly what I experienced.

A deep spiritual awakening led me to the Jivamukti Yoga School in London. This is what my mind was looking for all along – a spiritually liberating, physically challenging, artistic and cleansing practice that is focused on compassion to all beings– human and animal.

I took the month-long intensive 300 hr Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training at Omega Institute in New York, USA with founders of the method Sharon Gannon and David Life in 2013 and have been teaching full-time ever since.

I humbly offer my services as a certified teacher for regular open level/basic/spiritual warrior/meditation classes as well as private and corporate classes. I also teach Yoga Nidra deep meditation.

My classes are based on the 5 tenets of Jivamukti Yoga – Nada (Sound), Shastra (Scripture), Ahimsa (Non-violence), Bhakti (Devotion) and Dhyana (Meditation). Along with that expect a creative and challenging asana practice combined with pranayama breathing techniques, Sanskrit chanting, and a powerful soundtrack.

Natalie Finnie

Natalie is a self-confessed Ashtanga yoga addict and has travelled the world to study the tradition with the most experienced practitioners and teachers, from Hawaii to Bali and India.

Her teaching encompasses all eight limbs of the original Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, helping students prepare for deep meditation through strong asana practices, pranayama exercises and kriya techniques. Inspired most by her teacher, Gregor Maehle, Natalie’s teaching will keep you focused on the ultimate goal of the yoga tradition: the stilling of the mind in Samadhi.

Thanks to a background in physics, Natalie’s teaching style is scientific and methodical; be prepared to do your homework! She will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in your yoga practice, ultimately aiming to inspire you to move towards the traditional “Mysore-style” self-practice method of Ashtanga yoga.

Though she continues to travel frequently to further her knowledge of the Ashtanga world, Natalie has learned that yoga’s most powerful teacher is the commitment to daily self-practice. She gets up in the early hours of the morning to do her practice before the world awakens – yes, it’s hard to get out of bed but she always feels amazing afterwards!

Richard Catmur

My name is Richard and I teach beginners, level 1 and open level Hatha yoga focusing on precise alignment. I also teach Restorative yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Tapasya Hot yoga.
I began practising yoga once a week at a gym in 2007. This quickly progressed to twice then three times a week as I felt my practise grow and strengthen.

In 2010 I took the BWY Level 1 foundation course with Chris James and in 2011 I was accepted into the 200 hour teacher training course at Triyoga under the guidance of Anna Ashby and Joey Miles. I have since completed a 33 hour Restorative Yoga teacher training course with Anna Ashby and the Tapasya Hot Yoga 60 hour teacher training with Kristin Campbell.

Most recently I completed a 33 hour Vinyasa Flow teaching immersion with Mimi Kuo-Deemer. I have also assisted on the Triyoga 200 hour teacher training course with Anna Ashby and Joey Miles, the 33 hour Restorative Yoga teacher training course and the 33 hour Vinyasa Flow teaching immersion.

My classes encourage students to explore their own bodies in each asana with awareness of the breath. Postures are held and refined going slowly and progressing in stages. I adapt my classes to my students and surroundings making full use of props where possible as well as modifying postures where no props are available. I encourage students to discover their own yoga, accessing their minds and bodies in ways that may be new to them. My classes are fun, informative, explorative and suitable for all ages.

James Cassidy

James Cassidy

James discovered yoga whilst training as an actor where it was incorporated into his movement studies. Although his practice began as a purely physical one, through the years he discovered the benefits of pranayama (extension of the breath) and dhyana (meditation) as well as the other limbs of yoga.

After experiencing the transformations that yoga can bring to everyday life James travelled to India to complete his teacher training with Tribe Yoga in order to share these benefits with others.

James’s teaching style is focused but lighthearted and non dogmatic. He draws on a variety of styles from ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha, incorporating asana (postures) and the breath into a meditative flow. James continues to work diligently as a student of yoga.

Vanessa Bridgman

Vanessa Bridgman

The velocity of urban lifestyles led Vanessa to explore holistic pathways to that elusive balance. As the unneeded fell away in her search for steady footing, it was the constant of her yoga practise that steered the course towards a true knowing and contentment of self.  
Vanessa aims to deeply connect people into the space of their bodies again with the use of emotive language, alignment awareness and an emphasis on the breath. Each class is a journey towards stillness, cultivating a sense of playfulness and curiosity to all that is encountered along the way. 


Vanessa is a 200hr certified Yoga Alliance teacher with the World Conscious Yoga Family. Trained in Hatha’s tradition lineage, she incorporates the dynamacism of her vinyasa roots and the restorative learnings from Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra certifications for a truly authentic and energetically balanced practice. 


Josetta Malcom

Josetta discovered the fun and challenge of Ashtanga yoga 15 years ago and has 8 years teaching experience as a British Wheel of Yoga graduate. She has been lucky enough to study under some of the top international teachers; Manju Jois (son of Pattabhis Jois, who founded and developed Ashtanga), Nancy Gilgoff and John Scott.

She has a background in mental health work and brings this experience to her yoga work, consequently, she is a passionate advocate of using yoga to improve emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

This experience means she is dedicated to equalities and inclusion and in addition to inclusive group classes she runs regular classes in settings specifically for marginalised groups. These include, women who have been in detention, refugees and asylum seekers, people on NHS mental health wards and LGBT people.

Josetta is a local Walthamstow resident who loves to travel, and has taught and practiced in Goa, Berlin, Mexico, Cornwall, Brighton and London.

Josetta loves yoga!


Dani Hickey headshot

Dani Hickey

Dani came to yoga through a love of movement having grown up dancing and in gymnastics. The practice became a portal to finding space in her mind, body and spirit and is a daily ritual of healing and returning to herself.

She completed over 500 hours of training in Toronto, Canada, where she lived for a number of years, and is passionate about sharing all she has learned with new students, advanced practitioners and everyone in between. A student first and a teacher second, Dani is always continuing her studies with senior teachers and is so grateful for the bounty of knowledge and new understandings that emerge!

Her classes are a space to breath deeper, move with spacious ease, and surprise yourself in finding new ground. Propelled by the integration of movement and breath, she will guide you through creative sequences encouraging you to be present, intentional and kind to yourself. She encourages her students to practice without judgement, and to consider their yoga mats as a sacred space of self discovery.


Yolande Diver

Yolande Diver

Yolande teaches yoga vinyasa specialising in pregnancy and postnatal health, as well as teaching yoga she is also a recognised Doula with Doula UK and an Active Birth Teacher. She was introduced to yoga in her early twenties and has been happily practicing and finding home on the mat 26 years later.  She is grateful to have practiced with some truly brilliant teachers over the years all with detail for alignment and emotional wellbeing, which inspires her teaching today.

Yolande teaches a safe but challenging class aiming to cultivate a feeling of balance, freedom and grace. Her intention is to create a space for her students to simply be with what is and to meet each individual with where they are at, whether a beginner or a seasoned yogi.

Yolande having practiced homeopathy since 2008 formally left clinical practice and has gone into teaching yoga full time since qualifying in 2013 in pregnancy with Nadia Narain, Vinyasa flow with Katy Appleton of appleyoga, postnatal yoga with Lolly Stirk of Yogabirth and yearly teacher intensives with Elena Brower, Ana Ashby and Ana Forrest.

Rachel Skipper

After taking time away travelling, Rachel decided to leave the corporate world and create a life that was centred around well-being, mindfulness and inner growth. Yoga offered a holistic lifestyle that resonated with her search for deeper meaning and purpose and so Rachel decided to dedicate herself to sharing the practice and trained with world renowned Vinyasa Flow teacher Claire Missingham. 

In Rachel’s classes you can expect intelligent, progressive sequencing, mindful attention on breath and an eclectic mix of rhythmic tunes to compliment the flow of the class. Modifications and variations are always offered and welcome to allow for a more personalised and individual practice within the group setting.

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

Ashley is a compassionate and intuitive teacher with over 10 yrs experience to share. Her sessions are dynamic, friendly, fun and delivered with a down to earth approach. Ashley is also a life coach and thrives on creating the space for expansion and growth both on and off the mat. She believes there is a way through every perceived obstacle or block and encourages her students to tap into their full potential.