East of Eden and Hayden Thorpe Present:

We are really excited to be collaborating with Hayden Thorpe to offer Attune, a series of events combining music with yoga and meditation to engage your senses and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, taking you out of the busy city-state of mind, leaving you relaxed and receptive. Attune, will take place in an art gallery on the 12th floor of a building next to Waterloo station with amazing views of the city at night.

29/10/19 (7-8pm) BOOK HERE – A Gong Meditation with a backdrop of synthesizers and binaural beats created by sound therapist Simone Salvatici. 

12/11/19 (6:30-8pm) BOOK HERE – Full moon, Kundalini and Gong session to celebrate the Taurus full moon with Kathryn McCusker.

05/12/19 (7-8:15pm) BOOK HERE – Yin Yoga with Vanessa Joy with Hinako Omori playing her synthesised ambient sounds live.

08/01/19 (7-8:30pm) BOOK HERE – Soulful vinyasa with Tanja Mickwitz to a backdrop of melodic twists and unusual textures created by Leo Abrahams and Hayden Thorpe. 

14/01/19 (7-8pm) BOOK HERE – Yoga Ab Alto: Vinyasa Flow class with Anne Pidcock with the Estilo String Quartet. 

22/01/19 (7:30-9pm) BOOK HERE – Vinyasa Flow class with Eryck Brahmania accompanied by Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) playing an ambient soundtrack.