Being a tween can be tough  – not a child anymore and not quite a teenager at a time when  friendships and fitting in become more important.  

Yoga can help your child navigate  this “in between” land  in these fun yoga sessions that incorporate classic yoga posture and sequences whilst still allowing time to play with innovative yoga games as well as helping  them learn techniques to relax and manage stress. 

Introducing teens to yoga can be enormously beneficial for them. The teenage years are a time of enormous pressure – exams, body image, friendships, the opposite sex, the future. Starting yoga can help with self confidence, building a more positive relationship with themselves and their body image, improving anxiety, relieving stress and developing mindfulness techniques that will stand them in great stead as they move through life.

Physically, yoga supports growing bodies, develops good posture and helps with flexibility, supports the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems and improves coordination and balance.

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TWEEN/TEEN YOGA (Term Time Only)
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  • TWEEN/TEEN YOGA (Term Time Only)
    4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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